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25 Incredible Free Fonts for Web/Print Designers

Posted on January 29th, 2012 by saf

You will find lots of creative free fonts on the internet. It becomes a tough task to decide which font to use for your project. To help you decide I present you a list of 25 incredible fonts.

  1. Batho

  2. Gauntlet

  3. A Yummy Apology

  4. Attract More Women

  5. A.D. Mono

  6. Cranberry Blues

  7. Factor

  8. Larabie Font

  9. Kravitz

  10. Upper Lane Light

  11. Anyway Light

  12. A Charming Font

  13. Adinekirnberg

  14. Melanie

  15. Long Cool Women

  16. Speed Bowling

  17. Bisque

  18. Bizzy Bee

  19. Elgethy

  20. Iron Leaguw

  21. Saginaw

  22. Another Hand Font

  23. Artlookin

  24. Accent Wet Noodle

  25. Pupcat

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