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Excellent Resources for Dual Screen Wallpapers

Posted on January 29th, 2012 by saf

If you have to stare something for 10 hours (in my case 12 hours) you better have something interesting. I am a great fan of good wallpapers and my favorite time pass is finding wallpapers.

Recently I joined new office, here we have dual monitor setup. This prompted me to hunt for dual screen wallpaper. Sure there are thousands of sites to find wallpaper on web, but not lot of them offer dual screen wallpaper. Here I present you over 20 resources to find excellent dual screen wallpapers.

  1. Digital Blasphemy

  2. 3Data Design

  3. Wallpaper Pimper

  4. Social Wallpapering

  5. Dual Monitor Babes

  6. InterfaceLift

  7. mandolux

  8. eWallpapers

  9. Dual Screen Wallpaper

  10. Professional Wallpapers

  11. VladSTudio

  12. Epic Wallpaper

  13. Best Quality Wallpapers

  14. HDRwalls

  15. Wallpaper Stock

  16. devianART

  17. Dual Monitor Backgrounds

  18. Dual Monitor Desktop Backgrounds

  19. SoDesk

  20. Dual-Display

  21. Wallcoo

  22. DesktopNexus

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