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Greatest Collection of Free Fonts – 70+ Resources having 150,000+ Free Fonts

Posted on January 29th, 2012 by saf

Typography is an intergal part of web design. Correct font make world of difference to your design. This post provides with one of the grestest collection of free font resources. Some of them are well known among designers and some are new. I hope this post will usefull to you.

  1. Urban Fonts

    Urban Fonts

  2. Font Squirrel

    Font Squirrel

  3. Better Fonts

    Better Fonts

  4. DaFont


  5. 1001 Free Fonts

    1001 Free Fonts

  6. Fawnt


  7. Abstract Fonts

    Abstract Fonts

  8. Font Struct

    Font Struct

  9. Open Font Library

    Open Font Library

  10. Fontso


  11. ddFont


  12. Ffonts


  13. Fontica


  14. Font Cubes

    Font Cubes

  15. Creamundo


  16. Free Premium Fonts

    Free Premium Fonts

  17. Font Face

    Font Face

  18. Fonts.com


  19. 2200 Free Fonts

    2200 Free Fonts

  20. Font Reactorc

    Font Reactorc

  21. Search Free Fonts

    Search Free Fonts

  22. Fonts 500

    Fonts 500

  23. Font Space

    Font Space

  24. Simply The Best Fonts

    Simply The Best Fonts

  25. Deviantart Fonts

    Deviantart Fonts

  26. Acid Fonts

    Acid Fonts

  27. Fontex


  28. Scoop Font

    Scoop Font

  29. Font Head

    Font Head

  30. Font River

    Font River

  31. Net Fontes

    Net Fontes

  32. EKNP.com


  33. Free Downloadable Fonts

    Free Downloadable Fonts

  34. Type Now

    Type Now

  35. Free-Fonts


  36. Font Stock

    Font Stock

  37. Font Freak

    Font Freak

  38. Identi Font

    Identi Font

  39. Font Garden

    Font Garden

  40. Get Free Fonts

    Get Free Fonts

  41. Font Pool

    Font Pool

  42. Creative Spirits

    Creative Spirits

  43. Smeltery


  44. Fontasy


  45. Fonts101


  46. Proggy Fonts

    Proggy Fonts

  47. Font Burner

    Font Burner

  48. CoolText


  49. Fontoo


  50. Pinvoke


  51. Stereo Type

    Stereo Type

  52. GMK Free Fonts

    GMK Free Fonts

  53. Vend-O-Matic


  54. Blue Vinyl Fonts

    Blue Vinyl Fonts

  55. High Fonts

    High Fonts

  56. Webpage Publicity

    Webpage Publicity

  57. Pimp Your Font

    Pimp Your Font

  58. Eternal Fonts

    Eternal Fonts

  59. Font Leech

    Font Leech

  60. Fontennium


  61. The Font Shack

    The Font Shack

  62. Action Fonts

    Action Fonts

  63. Filecart Fonts

    Filecart Fonts

  64. Discover Fonts

    Discover Fonts

  65. Misprinted Type

    Misprinted Type

  66. Dave Bastian Fonts

    Dave Bastian Fonts

  67. Dieter Steffmann

    Dieter Steffmann

  68. Divide By Zero

    Divide By Zero

  69. Font Connection

    Font Connection

  70. Font Village

    Font Village

  71. Type-Art


  72. Free Fonts Archive

    Free Fonts Archive

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