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Top Photoshop Tutorial Websites

Posted on January 29th, 2012 by saf

Photoshop is the most widely used software for image editing, professional photo manipulation & graphics designing. Each new version of Photoshop introduces new & enhanced features. It is were essential for users to keep them abreast with its new features. Learn new tricks used by others.

A vast number of photoshop users share thier knowledge by providing free photoshop tutorials. This post lists 26 top websites which provides photoshop tutorials. You will find all level of tutorials from beginners to advanced.

I wont claim this list to be an exhaustive list, if you follow other tutorial site please do share it with others using the comments form below.

  1. PSDFan

  2. Web Designer Wall

  3. PhotoshopBox

  4. PSDTuts

  5. PSDVide

  6. Worth1000

  7. Photoshop8x

  8. PSHero

  9. PhotoshopRoadMap

  10. PhotoshopTutorials.ws

  11. Adobe Tutorialz

  12. PSDTop

  13. Photoshop Frenzy

  14. Tutorial9

  15. PSDLearning

  16. Photoshop Essentials

  17. Photoshop Talent

  18. PSWish

  19. dPhotoJournal

  20. iDoTutorials

  21. Tutorial Shot

  22. ePhotoZine

  23. Photoshop Star

  24. Lorelei Web

  25. Online Photoshop Tutorials

  26. Olieng

If you are looking for specific tutorial. Here are a few blog post which links to top photoshop tutorials

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